ponedeljek, 10. december 2012

Zvezde - Stars

V zvezdnih okencih so napisane 3 kitice pesmi Leopolda Belarja "Glej zvezdice Božje".

When you open the star window you can read 3 verses of slovenian song  " Look, God's stars" writen by Leopold Belar.

Look, the stars of God are twinkling lovely.
The bright sky is wide open.
Heaven's spirits come from Eaden,
singing the Glory, rush to the earth.

Ancient promise was fulfilled,
Seaviour was born for people from Heaven.
Near poor shepherds lie in straw
choese poorness, teach humblles.

Oh lucky souls who are rewarded with Him,
with Heavenly comfort fulfill their hearths.
Let hurry to Him, becaus He loves us, 
confidentially show Him the pain in our hearts.


Navdih - Inspiration:
Jay Gee's Nook Challenge #26
Moxie fab world

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  1. Another fabulous card Lea! I really love the idea of opening each flap and reading a verse of the song - brilliant idea. Thanks so much for joining us again at Jay Gee's :)

  2. Hey Lea! Thanks again for linking up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! :)